Bright Creations

Bright, officially Bright Creations, specializes in web design and development for SMEs (small to medium size enterprises). 

Matthew Cilia, the sole administrator has been in the web scenario since 2002.  He is a self-thought webmaster and he seeks to bring the web closer to SMEs.  Thus, Bright Creations offers dynamic solutions at perhaps the lowest fees on the market.

Matthew Cilia

Anyone who had any experience working with Bright Creations recognises its' potential and quality work. This is what the Production and Web Consultant of 'teenworks' had to say: 
On behalf of the production team of Teen Trouble and, I would like to extend my thanks to Bright Designs for the great work they have done on the new portal including our online teen magazine, and especially for their efforts in making it possible to launch the website on schedule. Well done!  Jonathan M. Dalli – Production & Web Consultant

Matthew Cilia is registered in Malta to run this business on a part-time basis and holder of VAT No. 19991823.

why bright creations?

Bright takes you a few steps closer to the web.  If you understand the potential of the world wide web, you will appreciate that it is essential to have your website updated regularly.  Bright Creations has designed and written a unique Content Management System which allows it's customers to manage the content of their website anytime during the day.  It's really like editing a word document!

Bright takes care of all the technicalities for you, and guides you step-by-step to reach your goals.