Internet Explorer 9: The Review


I’ve always been an IE user, ever since it was 1st a part of Windows. So I can’t tell you how awesome it is to see IE mature into a modern sexy browser.


What I like

Simple and clean UI ( Very metro)

I never had a problem with IE’s interface before, but IE9′s new interface was like a breath of fresh air. The UI is so minimal in fact, that sometimes I forget I’m even using a browser. The IE’s team motto “beauty of the web” effects can be seen everwhere. Besides the tiny blue e in the adress bar, you would never even know your using a Microsoft product


Speed, Speed, Speed

You could have picked my jaw up off the floor the 1st time I booted up IE9. I’ve played around with Chrome, Firefox and Opera., But I’ve never seen a browser handle complex sites ( flash, silverlight) with such speed even on a computer as underpowered as my HP tm2.


What I don’t Like


Some odd UI choices

It took me a few minutes to find the favorites  button the 1st time I looked for it and some of the option boxes are seriously outdated. Also by default there is no easy way to see you most used sites without opening a new tab.


No plan for “Out of band” updates

This is a big one for me, I like my apps updated early and often and as far as I can tell we plan to stick to the standard release timeline ( 18-24). This just doesn’t work in this day an age where other browsers are updated every week. I hope the IE team reconsiders this… as it would do wonders for IE’s mindshare and marketshare.


In closing


For being a beta, IE9 is an amazing browser.. sure it has its rough edges, but there is nothing that should keep you from enjoying it.


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